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New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release

Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey,!

#Calckey #Fediverse #Microfedi


On top of this, I'd like to announce TWO new instances! -- A general purpose instance for all Fedizens! -- An art focused instance for all you creatives out there~ These will be managed by the lovely !
:boost_requested: New #Calckey:calckey:release!:boost_requested:
Welcome to the looooong awaited first update of 2023!!!

Notable changes:

- New package, lint, and build system powered by pnpm and rome
- New post/thread layout
- Admin customizable default reactions
- OTA release notes
- Many, MANY bug fixes, performance improvements, and stylistic enhancements.

To upgrade from previous versions:
git pull --ff
corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate
pnpm i
NODE_ENV=production pnpm run build && pnpm run migrate
And yes, Docker is fixed 🥳

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Thanks! Blåhaj Zone has been updated to latest Calckey version now.